At Alden & Ott, we stake our reputation on the quality of our ink products. And we know that reputation is a delicate thing. Without the proof to back it up, it’s just hype. Without constant reinforcement, it quickly becomes past glory. So we work hard to maintain our reputation every day, with every customer.

That’s not easy in this ever-changing industry. Today’s presses run faster than ever before, requiring new standards of drying and adhesion. Inks are increasingly called upon to compensate for variations in printing conditions and base stocks.

As a solutions provider, Alden & Ott must assure our customers that every product— whether it’s off-the-shelf or a custom formulation—meets their demands for consistent, reliable quality. So our highly trained technicians validate our inks in our on-site test lab. We rigorously test each formulation for specification compliance and quality. And it doesn’t leave the shop until it meets our high standards.

Alden & Ott puts quality to the test. After all, our name is on the container—and our reputation is at stake.